Top Tips For Selling A Property

July 2nd, 2021

Selling your home is an exciting time, however, even in a strong market it can present many challenges and might not be as easy as you think. I’ve put together a list of tips which may seem obvious but, by putting some (or all) of them into practice, you stand in the best stead for a successful sale at the maximum price.

Are you really ready to sell?

It’s an emotional decision to sell a house and you have to make sure the time is right for you and your loved ones.  Do you have your finances in place to move on? If you are ready to sell, is your house in the best possible condition to attract a buyer?

Find the right agent

It is always best to work with a locally based estate agent who knows your area and one that you feel comfortable with; after all, you will be working with them for several weeks at least.  Who will handle each aspect of your sale?  Are they available 7 days a week? Will your property be advertised on Rightmove and Zoopla and on social media?


Make sure you declutter EVERY room in your house as buyers want to walk into a property and see themselves living there.  Not everyone is good at seeing potential; sometimes people cannot see past other people’s belongings and it can put them off.

Get painting

A lick of paint can go a long way and a neutral look is generally the best way to present your home. Very dark or very bright colours aren’t to everyone’s taste.


If you’re getting ready to list your home for sale then it’s best to deal with those DIY projects and home repairs that you’ve been putting off for years.  If the décor feels ‘tired’ then that will leave people with the wrong impression – unless you are marketing a ‘project’.

Glam up your garden

Make sure your grass has been cut, your garden weeded, your driveway and paths are power washed and if your front and/or garage doors needs painting, give them a lick of paint too.

Bathroom refresh

Deep clean the bathrooms. Give them a refresh to impress buyers by steam cleaning tiles, re-grouting, repainting and updating light fixtures

Paw Patrol

Not everyone will think your pets are as cute as you do. When showing your home, it is advisable for your fur buddies to vacate for the day. Buyers don’t want dogs jumping up on them or to get the occasional waft of kitty litter.

Too expensive

The NUMBER ONE reason a house won’t sell is because of the PRICE. A homeowner will almost always believe their house is worth more than it is.  Your agent can give you evidence of what has sold recently in your local area (as that will heavily influence what yours may be worth) and also show you the properties that are competing with yours.  Ultimately the market (ie buyers) will dictate what a home is actually worth.