Gifts that keep on giving…

December 6th, 2021

I read an article about giving gifts recently – five ways you can give gifts better than Santa – and it made me think about how I work with people.

🎁 Give solutions, not more problems

The road to a house move is seldom plain sailing so ride the storm, don’t shy away from problems, find the solution and get it DONE!

🎁 Be practical, not flashy

Give realistic advice – don’t get carried away

🎁 Give gifts that keep on giving

Good advice and regular communication

🎁 Put the β€˜present’ in presentation

Put love into marketing the property and the buyers will come

🎁 Create an experience

Want to be just another number? Get a big firm out.

Want to feel valued and important? Work with a bespoke agent.

If you are thinking of moving or struggling to sell, contact me today to discuss how working me can help you get to where you want to be.