The Top 7 Things You Need To Know When Moving Home

November 15th, 2023

Get your house valued by 3 different agents before you put it on the market.

Don’t pick the agent that values it the highest, without evidence of other properties sold in the same area.

It’s always best to put your house on the market before you find a property

The estate agent acts for the seller and is there to get the seller the best price possible

Understand the length of time it can take – on average it takes around 14 weeks from when you accept an offer as a seller, or have an offer accepted as a buyer – to move in! That’s a long time!

It can get stressful, but regular communication with your agent and your solicitor is key so you are always in the picture.

Be nice to estate agents – we’re pretty nice people (in general), we offer some great advice (in general) and will help to get you moved 😉

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