Winter Wonderland, Marple Bridge – 2021

December 6th, 2021

Despite some of the worst wet and windy weather we have seen in many years, Winter Wonderland 2021 took place on Town Street, Marple Bridge on Saturday and the MBA Committee would like to thank everybody who came down to support the event.
Sadly a number of the stalls weren’t able to battle through the elements and some of the planned activities had to be altered at the last minute but the perseverance and resilience of those involved was truly unbelievable and a testament to our British grit!
Big thanks goes to everyone involved – the Pantonics, the Stockport Morris Dancers, all the local school choirs, Marple Brass Band, Mellor choir, the stallholders, Rainbows and the Marple Bridge United Reformed Church. Thanks also the traders especially Bridge Law who kindly hosted the Grotto, Father Christmas, and of course the organisers who have worked tirelessly for the last six months to make the event happen.
Due to unforeseeable circumstances, the programmes that usually drop through your door prior to the event didn’t arrive until the morning of the event. We aim to get these out to the majority of houses in Marple Bridge and Compstall over the next few days and copies will be available to pick up in the local pubs and post offices in Compstall and Marple Bridge . As always, the programme contains various articles in respect of local community groups and events held throughout the year; plus adverts from our kind sponsors and supporters who, without them, there wouldn’t be an MBA.
For more information on how to get involved, please visit the Marple Bridge Association website
Property Market Update: What’s Been Happening In The UK Property Market – October 2021

November 14th, 2021

Welcome to our round-up of some of the property news stories that have caught our eye this past month.

Prices Remain Strong

The average price of a house is still on the up, according to analysis of the figures by Halifax.

Looking at all the stats, the bank noted that through September the average UK property price is now priced at a record £267,587. What’s more, annual house price inflation is up to 7.4 per cent, from 7.2 per cent.

This is interesting because the Stamp Duty deadlines have passed, and so it is good to see prices still buoyed.

The slight fly in the ointment might be the fact that the Bank of England figures show the number of mortgages approved to finance house purchases fell in August 2021 by one per cent.

Perhaps there is a slight softening of the market overall.

Here in Stockport, we are still selling properties for, or above, the asking price. What’s more, it is only taking days for some properties to sell, and just hours for properties to rent out.

If you’ve been thinking about doing something with your property, now is still a good time.

Overall though, supply is still down.

An ongoing issue in the property market has been further highlighted in a report that looks at key trends in the sector.

Landmark Information Group’s Property Trends Report shows that for a fifth consecutive month, there has been a low number of properties coming to the market. Demand, as they say, is outstripping supply.

There could be a number of reasons for this, but we would say that if you really want to sell, get your property on the market now. There will be interested parties lining up to look around and any one of those could be a potential buyer.

Negotiating Confidence

Around 64 per cent of UK homebuyers and renters say they feel confident negotiating over property prices, reports PropertyWire. But six in 10 admit “the biggest challenge is timing and knowing when to negotiate”.

It’s an interesting one. On the one hand, people say they are confident but actually, they don’t really know when to negotiate.

It’s what one might call a paradox. But, there’s a way through. Use an estate agent who can use their knowledge and expertise to negotiate at the right time.

We can do that for you! We know the Stockport inside out and so are able to take action when we need to.

Going Green Paying Off

Have you installed eco-friendly systems in your home? If you haven’t, you could be missing out.
This has been written about by many, including Property Reporter, which says that property website Rightmove has looked at house prices and Energy Performance Certificates.

It’s been reported that people who have “upgraded their rating from an F to a C, are adding an average of 16% to the price achieved for their home”.

That’s a huge jump, but before you do anything, have a look at the costs involved and the efficiencies made. You’ve got to make sure the figures work for you. If you need any advice on this, give us a call on 07770976137.

Nikki Davies, Powered by eXp are your local property experts for the Stockport area. Call us on 07770976137 or email to find out how we can help you buy a new home or sell your property.

Is Christmas a Good Time to Sell Your Home in Stockport?

November 14th, 2021

Did you know that the festive season can be a wonderful time to sell your house in Stockport?

Yes, of course, many people are thinking about presents, Santa, food and drink, but it can also be a great time for you to consider selling your home.

Why? Well, we’ll explain in just a moment.

First though, if you need help deciding whether to sell or if you’re looking to buy a property in Stockport, whatever the season, then I can help you. You can call or WhatsApp me on 07770976137 or drop me an email to

So, is Christmas really a good time to sell?

Christmas is a time when many professionals such as surveyors and conveyancers take some time off, meaning that the sales process can slow down. But it’s usually only for a couple of days, so if you’ve got all your legal paperwork lined up, efficiency should almost be maintained.

But paperwork aside, what about your property at Christmas?

Christmas gingerbread house

Present Your Home in the Perfect Light

You may have more available time at Christmas to be able to stage your home ready for viewings. Presenting your property is one of the critical things to do to make prospective buyers picture themselves at home. Little touches showcasing your home as a fantastic, warm and joyful house can help sell the dream to a prospective buyer.

Add Festive Atmospherics

Turn on your outside lights, festive or otherwise. Similarly, some indoor atmospheric lighting works a treat to show how welcoming your home is. Don’t go over the top though! Choose subtle side lamps to cast a soft glow.

Sleigh Ahead of the Game!

Many people believe that Christmas is not the right time to put their house on the market….so they don’t. But fewer homes on the market means less competition, so actually, it’s a great time to be selling. Even if the process doesn’t gain momentum until the New year, you’ll still be ahead of the game.

Take advantage of this opportunity and make sure you’ve got everything in place should you accept an offer, and your buyers want to move quickly. It may be Christmas, but legal professionals will be available in the run-up to the holidays. Hold a conversation with conveyancers beforehand, and you’ll know exactly when they are working and how to get hold of them should you need to.

Family Time Leads Online!

Another thing to think about is that Christmas is often about family. But spending more time than usual with extended family can take its toll! Escaping online is common. In fact, housebuilders have reported that Christmas Day and Boxing Day are two of the busiest days for web traffic to their sites.

Families spending time together often prompts talk about the potential for moving to a new house. And, what about all those new phones and tablets received as Christmas presents! This presents even more opportunity for going online and potentially searching for properties!

There’s ‘Snow’ Time Like the Present

If you delay putting your house on the market, you’ll ultimately be postponing the sale of it. Based on our experience, we say take advantage and get it listed! Preparing the particulars takes time, as does the taking of photos and creating floor plans. So, if you set the ball rolling now, you’ve already made the first move. Wait until after Christmas, and you may find more properties coming to market, and your property won’t stand out as much.

New Year, New Move

Christmas can be a great time to move home, but there’s often a lot going on. Remember though, your move doesn’t have to happen straight away. Be patient, get your processes and planning done, and then by the time the new year comes around, you could be looking at getting the keys to your new home.

It can be a dream, but to make it happen, you need to set things in motion.

  • Plan how you will tackle packing for the move
  • Think about whether you can gift things or recycle items
  • Think about getting boxes ready
  • Talk to the conveyancers
  • Search for removal firms
  • Note down who you need to notify

In essence, simply prepare.

I am here to help guide you through selling your home in Stockport at Christmas – get in touch today to chat about your next steps.

7 Things Sellers Need to Declare to Estate Agents About Their Home

October 11th, 2021

Vector cartoon stick figure drawing conceptual illustration of two men or neighbors looking from window of family houses and arguing or having fight.

There’s no denying that selling a home involves paperwork. When preparing to sell, you’ll need to declare various things to your estate agent. While you may be worried about having to share potential issues from the past, it’s important to remember that what you disclose won’t necessarily put buyers off. An old building can be seen as an ‘opportunity for modernisation’. Planning permission from neighbours can be recognised as ‘potential to extend’. Plus, a good estate agent can find the right buyer no matter the circumstances.

To prepare you for the sale, here are seven of the most important things you’ll need to declare to estate agents about your home.

1. What you plan to take and leave

When you sell up, you’ll need to complete a ‘fixtures and fittings’ form. This will tell buyers what you plan to take with you when you leave, and what will be left behind for them. It’s important to establish these things as early as you can, as it can be a top question asked at viewings.

2. Renovation work

While this is a legal requirement, it’s also a great selling point. If you’ve recently renovated the kitchen, had an extension put in, or remodelled the bathroom, then you’ll need to declare the renovation work to estate agents.

3. Planning permissions in the area

Usually, you’ll get a letter from your local council informing you about the planning permissions requested by your neighbours. If you’ve had one of these letters recently, or if you get one during the sale of your home, then it’s important you declare it to your estate agent.

4. Denied planning permissions

If you applied for planning permission yourself and it was denied, it’s important that you disclose what you applied for and why it was declined to your estate agent.

5. Disputes with neighbours

If you’ve had a long-standing dispute with any of your local neighbours, you need to tell your estate agent about it. They are obligated to inform prospective buyers about the issues you’ve had with the people living around you. While it may seem trivial, if a buyer finds out later that you lied, it can be a very serious issue.

6. Pests or Japanese knotweed

Even if it was a problem long ago, your estate agent will need to know whether there was a pest invasion in your home, or if you’ve ever experienced Japanese knotweed in your garden.

7. Green deal loans

If you have one of these loans, you’ll definitely know about it. It’s a government loan that allows you to make improvements to your property and repay the costs using your energy bill savings. If you move, these debts get passed on to the new owners, so it’s absolutely essential to declare them to your estate agent.

We’re here to help

Even though it may sound daunting, with our help, we can make the selling process as easy as possible for you. At Nikki Davies, Powered by eXp, we provide expert help, guidance and support every step of the way.

To start the conversation, get in touch today by calling 07770 976137 or via email at

Top Tips For Selling A Property

July 2nd, 2021

Selling your home is an exciting time, however, even in a strong market it can present many challenges and might not be as easy as you think. I’ve put together a list of tips which may seem obvious but, by putting some (or all) of them into practice, you stand in the best stead for a successful sale at the maximum price.

Are you really ready to sell?

It’s an emotional decision to sell a house and you have to make sure the time is right for you and your loved ones.  Do you have your finances in place to move on? If you are ready to sell, is your house in the best possible condition to attract a buyer?

Find the right agent

It is always best to work with a locally based estate agent who knows your area and one that you feel comfortable with; after all, you will be working with them for several weeks at least.  Who will handle each aspect of your sale?  Are they available 7 days a week? Will your property be advertised on Rightmove and Zoopla and on social media?


Make sure you declutter EVERY room in your house as buyers want to walk into a property and see themselves living there.  Not everyone is good at seeing potential; sometimes people cannot see past other people’s belongings and it can put them off.

Get painting

A lick of paint can go a long way and a neutral look is generally the best way to present your home. Very dark or very bright colours aren’t to everyone’s taste.


If you’re getting ready to list your home for sale then it’s best to deal with those DIY projects and home repairs that you’ve been putting off for years.  If the décor feels ‘tired’ then that will leave people with the wrong impression – unless you are marketing a ‘project’.

Glam up your garden

Make sure your grass has been cut, your garden weeded, your driveway and paths are power washed and if your front and/or garage doors needs painting, give them a lick of paint too.

Bathroom refresh

Deep clean the bathrooms. Give them a refresh to impress buyers by steam cleaning tiles, re-grouting, repainting and updating light fixtures

Paw Patrol

Not everyone will think your pets are as cute as you do. When showing your home, it is advisable for your fur buddies to vacate for the day. Buyers don’t want dogs jumping up on them or to get the occasional waft of kitty litter.

Too expensive

The NUMBER ONE reason a house won’t sell is because of the PRICE. A homeowner will almost always believe their house is worth more than it is.  Your agent can give you evidence of what has sold recently in your local area (as that will heavily influence what yours may be worth) and also show you the properties that are competing with yours.  Ultimately the market (ie buyers) will dictate what a home is actually worth.

Mellor Open Gardens – 3rd – 4th July

June 30th, 2021

Starting back in 1992, Mellor Open Gardens became a regular fixture in the local calendar and traditionally took place every four years. Last year’s event had to be postponed (because of you know what) but the organisers have managed to work their magic and there will be 14 gorgeous gardens taking part.
Tickets are now on sale from the following outlets:
Dutsons, Marple Bridge; Cancer Research UK Shop, Marple; Littlewoods Butchers, Marple; Stationery Supplies, Marple and Hollins of Marple
Cost: Saturday Ticket £8; Sunday Ticket £8; Weekend Ticket £12
Each ticket allow one person admission to all the open gardens and needs to be shown at every gate.
Accompanied Under-16s go FREE!
I hope to see you there!
Property Market Update

June 18th, 2021

The property market here in Marple and throughout SK6 is incredibly strong at the moment, largely buoyed by the measures put in place by the government.  At present (June 2021), there are 700,000 homes marked Sold Subject to Contract and going through the sales process – the highest number recorded over the past 10 years (Source:  Rightmove).  Even when the stamp duty holiday tapers at the end of June and reverts to normal from October, we anticipate demand to remain high, because there are still many homeowners out there holding back until there is a return to some kind of normality.  Savills predict a 28.8% increase in house prices in the North West over the next five years, the biggest growth of any region.

Following lockdown, being closer to family and to a park/green space sits firmly at the top of many home-mover wish lists.  By contrast, proximity to a railway station or to a place of work has slipped down the list.

Selling your home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make and for most people, is something you’ll only do a handful of times in your lifetime. Contact me today to find out how working with me can benefit you.

The new agent on the Marple property block!

June 15th, 2021

I was delighted to have my agency featured in the local newspaper recently.  My community is incredibly important to me and getting noticed is a challenge, especially with so many agents in the area.  It is also important to support these local publications which are getting fewer and farther between.  Thanks to Goodness Marketing and the Team at the Review for their support.

Article from the Marple Review May 2021

Staging Your Home For Photography

February 28th, 2021

Great photographs are VITAL when listing your property. You have only 6-10 seconds to grab a prospective buyer’s attention – if something doesn’t immediately catch their eye, they move on. Download my FREE guide to staging your home.

Staging Your Home For Photography – Nikki Davies eXp

My aim is simple; to provide good, honest advice and make the selling and buying process a positive experience for everyone involved. If that sounds good to you, contact me today!


Struggling to sell your property? Then read on!

February 21st, 2021

Are you struggling to sell your property?

Selling a home can be a rollercoaster ride – so many ups and downs. You want to move on as quickly as possible and achieve the best possible price at the same time, however, frustration can easily creep in if your house has been sitting on the market for a few months.

Price it right – it will sell overnight. Price it wrong – it will stay on too long.

If your home isn’t getting many viewers and time is ticking on, it might be down to some of these factors:

Too Expensive: The number one reason. Homeowners always feel their home is worth more than the agent and market data tells them. But, if you put your home on the market for a price that’s unrealistic then you could have a house that will sit on the market for months and won’t generate much interest. Dropping the asking price, even just a little bit, will attract more viewers. Ultimately, put it on at the right price from the start and it shouldn’t be an issue.

Photos: The majority of buyers start their search for a home online these days and that’s why it’s very important to have good quality images and video showcasing your property. Some homeowners want to provide agents with pictures they’ve taken themselves but this is always a bad idea. Make sure you hire a local agent who has a proven track record in creating quality marketing materials and you’ll attract more viewers to your home.

Time: When putting your house on the market it’s a good idea to be mindful of what season it is. Selling a house in the height of summer can pose some challenges as many people are away on holiday. If you sell in the middle of winter some buyers will just hold off until after Christmas. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to sell your home at certain times of the year, it just means that you might have to have more patience.

Too Personal: As a homeowner you’ve an emotional connection to your property but it’s important to remember that your buyer won’t and they might not love you collection of dolls in the spare room or unusual paintings in the living room. Put all overly personal items in storage to allow your buyers to visualise themselves living there.

Too Cluttered: Before you put your home on the market make sure you declutter every room in your house as buyers want to walk into a house and see themselves living there. Sometimes people can’t see past other people’s belongings and it will put them off. Ask your agent for tips on how to stage your home for sale, but please don’t take their advice personally.

It Smells: If you smoke or have a pet then you won’t notice the smell in your home- but other people coming into your home will and it can really put buyers off. Before showing your house, deep clean your carpets, dispose of any rubbish and freshen up fabrics with odour eaters. On the day of your viewings don’t cook food that have strong smells, instead use scented candles and diffusers and open your windows to allow fresh air in.

Pets: Your furry friend might be the centre of your world but not everyone will feel like you do and you have to be mindful that some buyers might not even be animal lovers. Don’t let your cat or dog leave the wrong lasting impression on a potential buyer- keep them out of sight during viewings.

Outstanding Repairs: Homeowners are often left horrified if their agent suggests they might have to give their home a lick of paint or fix those DIY jobs that they’ve been ignoring for years but a good impression is vital to achieve the best price possible.

Low Showing Availability: It can be incredibly annoying having to keep your home tidy all the time and to have strangers walking through your home constantly, but you have to make your home available for viewings as much as possible. If you decline too many showings then you could end up missing out on the perfect buyer. Allow your agent to show the home when you’re at work and at weekends. Also, ask them to give you 24 hours notice.

Don’t let your listing gather dust, make sure you avoid these 9 mistakes and you’ll have a home that will sell in no time.

Thinking of selling your property? Get in touch with me today for a FREE market appraisal.

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