September 20th, 2022

After using a local high street estate agent for three months with very little success and even less communication, we received a mailshot from Nikki and decided to give her a try. Her promise of a personal service with 24/7 communication was very appealing given the radio silence we had been experiencing and we felt we needed someone more proactive who was always there should we need them. Nikki came and spent a full morning at our house talking to us about it and taking pictures and videos, the results were fantastic and far better than many others you see online. I really think that the quality of the photographs and the video helped generate interest. When it comes to 24/7 availability, this is not a sales spiel from Nikki, it is exactly that – be it good news or bad, you get contact from her. She kept us regularly updated with anything that was happening and she was on hand before and after the viewings she managed for us. Once we had an offer and accepted it, Nikki once again came into her own orchestrating everything. For us, this was a particularly fraught time and without Nikki’s unwavering patience and professionalism we would have more than likely given up. She gives sound advice even if it’s not what you want to hear, she is a great sounding board and she does what she says she will do – you can’t really ask for more than that! Nikki went above and beyond when it came to the service she provided us with and we will be forever thankful that she sent us a letter in the post when we needed it the most. Nikki is more than an estate agent, she is a house selling magician, a photography wizard and a fairy godmother wrapped up into a force to be reckoned with. She was more than an estate agent to us, she came along on journey full of pitfalls, picked us up when we needed it and carried us over the line where all others would have failed. If you are happy with a run of the mill estate agent, visit your high street. If you want a greater level of service and someone who is with you every step of the way, you cannot go wrong with Nikki. We can’t thank Nikki enough she got us where we needed to be. If we ever decide to move again (God forbid!), Nikki will be the first person we contact because we know that we will get exactly what she says we will get – estate agency done differently.